A Glimpse into the
Stay on Your Path Program


The Stay On Your Path program is a tailored program designed for you to maximize your potential with a process-over-outcome, whole-person approach, taking your physical, mental, emotional and social factors into consideration, then giving you the necessary tools and training to use in achieving your goals. 

It starts with a basic foundation: exploring and defining your intrinsic self.

Stay On Your Path is a lifelong journey, but we’ll take a six-week at-a-time approach to keep you on track with actionable goals. 


Let’s begin! 

A butterfly, a symbol of stay on your path, your accountability partner training program
The Number One, First Step in the Stay On Your Path, a one-on-one coaching, self discovery journey

Schedule your free 30 min consultation

We’ll explore whether we’re the right fit for each other to help you get on your path. Some various examples of past clients’ goals:

  • Navigating their Hollywood career as an Asian-American
  • Refining the creative process in their writing approach
  • Developing an effective project management system to support their graphic design business
  • Playing better tennis
  • Getting unstuck as they approach the 2nd half of their lives
  • Preparing their kids for acting auditions
The Number two, the second step in Stay On Your Path, a coaching method using mindset learning

We begin your self discovery journey.

Using the 30-min consultation as a jumping off point to your self discovery journey,  I will assign you various exercises to engage self-awareness and self-reflection about you:

  • Pinpoint your superpowers and your Kryptonite
  • Take accountability for your current support community 
  • Self-assess: what do you think keeps you from being your authentic self? 
  • What has given you confidence in the past? 
the number three, the third step of Stay On Your Path, a deep focus training method

90-minute Finding Your Path Strategy Session.

We’ll explore your current mindset and the style by which you process and interact with the world and yourself. With this information, I can tailor a program that fits you. 

  • One of the most important phases of your journey to finding your path.
  • A one-on-one deep dive about your current situation and past history.
  • Discuss where you want to go and why.
  • Explore your personal philosophy and your vision for your life.
  • Brainstorm fundamental tools and discuss tasks to effectively use these tools.
  • Unlearn ineffective habits and doing mindset training –  critical aspects to learning new tools for self-mastery. 
  • Discuss possible mental health issues such as depression or anxiety that may be hindering you.
  • Discuss a six-week plan of action tailored for you.
Number four, the fourth step in Stay On Your Path, a one-on-one coaching program

 Your personalized written plan, beginning with mindset training.

  • I’ll write up a six-week program of simple, executable tasks that you will focus on in one-week chunks.
  • The details of your tailored program will depend on your specific needs and focus areas.
  • We front-load with deep focus work into your awareness and self-reflection to gain clarity to who you are and who you want to be.
  • The details of your tailored program will depend on your specific needs and focus areas, and will incorporate exercises to begin re-framing some perceptions that may be holding you back.
  • We will incorporate new habit changes and mindset training that we will train toward and monitor that will allow you to better approach the world, approach yourself, and approach your decision-making.
  •  I want to make sure the journey of staying on your path is enriching and DNA-changing for you, but also safe and manageable.
The number five, the fifth step in stay on your path, a mindset and deep focus training program

Deep focus in the work.

I will assign you tasks to do during the week, whether they are digestible drills, such as working on responding versus reacting, being observant of your behavior and journaling about it, making a small change in your daily routine, or other mindset training.

“Doing the work” is a cliche. Doing the right work, or what some call “deliberate practice”, is vital to developing new repeatable habits.

Deep focus:  Being conscientious is essential. Merely checking the box of “I did the work,” isn’t enough. To reach your potential, you want to be an A+ student of your life, not a C student.  Shutting out the noise is also critical.  A deep focus mindset is trainable.

The number six, the sixth step in stay on your path, a one-on-one coaching method

Six one-on-one coaching sessions

  • A weekly 45-minute  one-on-one coaching session to check in on your journey and make adjustments to our plan as needed.
  • I will make myself available through texting or email, answering all questions within 24 hours of receipt of the message.
  • From time to time, I will check in with personal texts, forward useful links to supplemental resources, and maybe send personalized mix-tape Spotify playlists to inspire you!
The number seven, the seventh step in Stay On Your Path, a self discovery journey

the final week of the initial six-week program

We’ll discuss:

  • The goals we set out to accomplish
  • Your experience in the Stay On Your Path process
  • Adjustments in your self-mastery training
  • Adjustments to our plan
  • Your thoughts on proceeding for the future
  • My recommendations going forward
The number eight, the final step of stay on your path, a self discovery journey

future one-on-one coaching sessions
are up to you

After your initial six-week program, at the very least, you will have a foundation by which to launch you toward your path.  Having a beginner’s mind mindset is helpful as you meander through your journey.

As your coach, I am also your accountability partner and a source for inspiration, so I recommend that you invest in regular sessions. Finding your authentic path involves long-term changes which requires a “long game” approach and a ton of patience and perseverance. There are no shortcuts. There is hard work but there is the right work, which involves a lot of experimentation and deep focus until you find your groove.

Reshaping habits and re-framing how you see yourself and your approach to the world is no easy task, especially with a few decades of life already under your belt.

All the tools are out there for you to use, but it’s hard to make dramatic changes by yourself. A coach is important to support and guide you through the process of self-mastery. As a result, I recommend setting up a new six-week session to continue your journey to be your authentic self or plan out some kind of custom plan that we can discuss together.

A good coach is your accountability partner .

Butterfly, a symbol for stay on your path, your accountability partner training method