Who are the kinds of people you're focused on mentoring?

I’m committed to enthusiastic and dedicated people who are ready to do the deep focus to pursue their own self-mastery; I am especially motivated to provide access to marginalized and minority communities who’ve been frustrated by their current belief, social and cultural systems and want to pursue their authentic self.

What is your coaching style?

I’ll gather information about your wants and needs, and then tailor an action plan that we work on together. Sometimes, I’ll be your Olympic gymnastics coach. I’ll push you to strive for high performance by committing to digestible actionable tasks, but I will mentor with compassion. Sometimes, I’ll let you play and experiment, like a film director with their actors. Sometimes, I’ll be the best friend rooting you to stay on your path when you need a cheerleader. Expect that I will give you honest, straight-forward notes that come from a place of authenticity, kindness and my intrinsic desire to help you be your authentic self. I will keep you accountable and I will expect you to keep your promises and to maturely communicate to me when you are having difficulty, but I am flexible, understanding, empathetic and open-minded.

What differentiates Stay On Your Path from other life coaching programs?

First, I have a diverse and nuanced perspective about the human experience that lends itself to a holistic whole life approach. I’ve coached and mentored people from all walks of life, whether it’s sports, being creative, finding a career direction, working on a film set, being a soldier in the military, or learning to be a spiritual leader.

Second, our program isn’t a boilerplate program like many other life coaching programs. Most online programs are designed for economies of scale – meaning that their main focus is to generate as much income for the least work possible. While filled with valuable information, these programs can be detached and disconnected from you. This is often the flaw of online learning.

Also, the Stay On Your Path program is much more affordable than every online program and any private life coaching program that currently exists. I am excited about the average person who is seeking to get and stay on their path. EVERYONE DESERVES TO STAY ON THEIR PATH.

Unlocking Potential

We have an analog soul. I know from coaching and mentoring people all my life, from different ages, genders, preferences, cultures, that everyone is distinct in how they learn. You have specific needs, unique talents, current traits and an individual process for learning.

In comparison, a gymnastics coach may teach a double back somersault using the same knowledge of the biomechanics required, but HOW he teaches it to a particular gymnast will vary, and each gymnast has their own strengths and struggles, so the approach to unlocking potential must take those things into consideration. Same in life.

I’ve also coached and mentored people from all walks of life, so whether it’s sports, being creative, finding a career direction, working on a film set, being a soldier in the military, or learning to be a spiritual leader, I have a diverse and nuanced perspective about the human experience.

There is also a disturbing trend to be a coaching celebrity and to be part of the inner circle of celebrity coaches. I’m not interested in Instagram followers. I’m interested in YOU.

How long is the commitment to the program?

First, it’s not a commitment to the program. It’s a commitment to yourself.  Achieving high performance is connected to your habits and your mindset in seeing the world and how you handle change or handle hard work. The Stay On Your Path program is not a Twelve Step program or a magic bullet or an elixir. It is a process that requires self-awareness, deep focus, experimentation, more work, flexibility, consistency and patience.

Having said that, the program is initially a six-week program, and after that, we will come up with an approach that works for you in your long-term journey to stay on your path.

How much does the program cost?

Schedule your 30 minute chat and we can chat rates.

Generally, after the free 30 minute chat, you’ll be paying initially for the 90 min Prep and Planning Session, which also includes a written six week plan tailored for you (2 hours of time and expertise).

Then you’re paying for six one-on-one coaching sessions, which include:

1) a 45 minute conversation in which I will be taking detailed notes;
2) a written follow up of our session and action steps for that week (1 hour);
3) access to text me during the week, with replies within 24 hours  (Varies, but generally at least one hour)

I am willing to tailor aspects of the program in a package that will help make the coaching accessible to you.  I guarantee that my rates, vis-a-vis the amount of one-on-one coaching I give you, will be the best rate and value you can find anywhere in the entire world.

Socio-economic status should not determine if one can access stellar coaching. It’s just not right.  

Tell me about some of the personal work required to be your authentic self.

Initially, working toward your authentic self will be geared toward self-discovery and self-awareness, which will involve an investment in deep focus and time. Sometimes the work might be on-going; sometimes the work could be about researching a hero to whom you look up and doing a deep dive on your hero’s habits or interests; sometimes the work might be to read a particular book or writing pieces that are related to your growth; sometimes the work could be just adhering to a morning routine and scheduling it on your calendar. Any work I give you, while difficult and at times rigorous, will not be unreasonable and will take into account your personal process and your time capabilities. 

How do you define progress?

Progress is defined by doing the specific work and building good habits that allow you to reach your human potential or accomplish your project as the case may be. If you are looking for progress in terms of how many followers you’re going to get, how rich you’re going to get, how famous you will be, how many wins you’ll achieve, while those things may be the by-products of your process, I don’t see these things as the determinants of actual success.

Do you offer group coaching sessions?

I am currently developing various group coaching programs, as it relates to different aspects of Staying On Your Path.  I expect to offer these programs in the 2nd quarter of 2021.

How many people have you already worked with?

I’ve worked with hundreds of people of all ages and ethnicities working in various areas ranging from the military to the film business to sports to executive leadership.

Do you have a refund policy?

No one has ever asked for a refund, but if you feel after the 90 minute Prep and Planning Session, that you are dissatisfied or disconnected with the coaching, I’m happy to refund your payment.

If, during the six-week program, you are not satisfied with the work, we can cut off the sessions at any time.

What have been the toughest challenges you’ve faced as a coach?

Great question.  Generally, the challenges don’t affect me as a coach as it does my mentoree’s progress. There is an art to learning and an art to coaching.  Connecting with my mentoree is the most important aspect to the art, and I don’t see it as a challenge as much as I see it as an integral part of the art of coaching and learning.  Patience and conscientious empathy that is specific to the mentoree is a key aspect to my coaching approach.

But specifically, the following is where I find coaching the most “challenging” in the conventional sense:

When a mentoree doesn’t put in the time in the simple executable tasks that is required as it leads toward Staying On Their Path, it creates a disconnect in the progress, but I am always happy to adjust and to make changes as needed.  Progress is never linear.

When a mentoree is focused on the noise that is affecting their ability to focus on the simple executable tasks, it makes their progress a challenging process, indeed.

When a mentoree is reluctant to change and tend to throw up walls, I work through that with them in conjunction with the specific work.

Performance coaching vs therapy?

In treating your depression or anxiety, perhaps you’ve been seeing a therapist to better understand the effects of past experiences on your life and feel you want help in clarifying your goals or personal purpose. You may be interested in learning actionable ways to address personal and professional challenges and are willing to do specific work to take steps toward achieving your authentic self.  For me personally, one-on-one coaching through my depression was key for me to getting on my path.