“Staying on your path is massively difficult. I want to help you filter out the noise so you can concentrate on being your authentic soul, achieving the goals which enrich your soul, and realigning your community that celebrates and supports who you truly want to be.”

Vince Duque,
Founder, Stay On Your Path™


High performance coaching is not just about WHAT you need to do. It’s about HOW to do it, incorporating who YOU are and how YOU learn.

Utilizing the lessons from my eclectic life experiences, from being a coach and a mentor, and from my own struggles with depression and suicide on my road to finding my own path, I want to mentor people – especially those in marginalized communities who haven’t had the resources or the support community, to reach their potential. It gives me immense joy to see people get to and stay on their path.

Everyone needs a coach whether your desired path is being an elite athlete, finding your true voice, leading a team, or executing your project. Everyone.


Who are the kinds of people you're focused on mentoring?

I’m committed to enthusiastic and dedicated people who are ready to do the deep focus to pursue their own self-mastery; I am especially motivated to provide access to marginalized and minority communities who’ve been frustrated by their current belief, social and cultural systems and want to pursue their authentic self.

What is your coaching style?

I’ll gather information about your wants and needs, and then tailor an action plan that we work on together. Sometimes, I’ll be your Olympic gymnastics coach. I’ll push you to strive for high performance by committing to digestible actionable tasks, but I will mentor with compassion. Sometimes, I’ll let you play and experiment, like a film director with their actors. Sometimes, I’ll be the best friend rooting you to stay on your path when you need a cheerleader. Expect that I will give you honest, straight-forward notes that come from a place of authenticity, kindness and my intrinsic desire to help you be your authentic self. I will keep you accountable and I will expect you to keep your promises and to maturely communicate to me when you are having difficulty, but I am flexible, understanding, empathetic and open-minded.

What differentiates Stay On Your Path from other life coaching programs?

First, I have a diverse and nuanced perspective about the human experience that lends itself to a holistic whole life approach. I’ve coached and mentored people from all walks of life, whether it’s sports, being creative, finding a career direction, working on a film set, being a soldier in the military, or learning to be a spiritual leader.

Second, our program isn’t a boilerplate program like many other life coaching programs. Most online programs are designed for economies of scale – meaning that their main focus is to generate as much income for the least work possible. While filled with valuable information, these programs can be detached and disconnected from you. This is often the flaw of online learning.

Also, the Stay On Your Path program is much more affordable than every online program and any private life coaching program that currently exists. I am excited about the average person who is seeking to get and stay on their path. EVERYONE DESERVES TO STAY ON THEIR PATH.

Unlocking Potential

We have an analog soul. I know from coaching and mentoring people all my life, from different ages, genders, preferences, cultures, that everyone is distinct in how they learn. You have specific needs, unique talents, current traits and an individual process for learning.

In comparison, a gymnastics coach may teach a double back somersault using the same knowledge of the biomechanics required, but HOW he teaches it to a particular gymnast will vary, and each gymnast has their own strengths and struggles, so the approach to unlocking potential must take those things into consideration. Same in life.

I’ve also coached and mentored people from all walks of life, so whether it’s sports, being creative, finding a career direction, working on a film set, being a soldier in the military, or learning to be a spiritual leader, I have a diverse and nuanced perspective about the human experience.

There is also a disturbing trend to be a coaching celebrity and to be part of the inner circle of celebrity coaches. I’m not interested in Instagram followers. I’m interested in YOU.

Discovering your authentic soul is difficult, especially with all the cosmic friction coming from everywhere. You can’t do it alone. Let us send you some tools from time to time that will help you stay on your path. 

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Let’s Help each other.


We will send you tools and info on future webinars to help you Stay On Your Path.

It gives me immense joy to see people get to and stay on their path. 

Vince is raw and authentic, and is giving, especially with his time. He has always seen my potential as a director and story creator, and has provided the evidence for me to build confidence in myself and my career as a director and story creator. His advice to create my own path has really helped me to focus on the large projects that I’m developing.

Alle Hsu
Film Director

2019 Women in Film Directing Mentee
2019-2020 SFFILM FilmHouse Resident

Specifically, his unparalleled guidance helped me become a DGA Trainee, but – more importantly, and especially as a fellow former military officer – he helped me find my place in the Industry. That was more than 20 years ago, and I still look to Vince for his advice: it helps me hone my own perspective.

Robert ‘Skid’ Skidmore
Business and Systems Consultant

Vince was very generous with his time and has a no-nonsense, direct approach. He challenged me to truly find what I want and gave me an inside look at how the industry works.

Yasmine Gomez

Vince helped me learn not only how to stay on my path, but how to find my path to begin with. He encouraged my creativity and helped me figure out my unique voice as a creator, to not get distracted by the industry’s quicksand or pitfalls or to get down on myself for not creating like everyone else. With his mentorship, I was able to adjust my expectations of success in Hollywood.

Adriel Porter
Performer, writer and Pop culture journalist

Vince taught me that one of the most important things in the film industry is to have a can-do attitude even if it’s under a 102 degree sun on a location shoot; that being positive and energetic with your job can really make a difference.  Having a can-do attitude is right there on the top of the reasons why I get rehired from my past employers, and I owe that to Vince’s stringent advice.

Charlie Fellows 
Writers’ Assistant, Netflix

Vince is a very supportive and positive coach. His advice to be a better communicator really helped me be more confident when asking for assistance.  He put in hours and hours of his time discussing my personal goals and listened with intensity and respect, without missing a beat.  He’s loyal, smart, and one of the best mentors I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with.

Tiffany Carr
Assistant Director, Film / TV

Vince wants you to succeed and is always open to meeting up. His advice on building relationships with people by finding common ground and getting to know one another individually really helped me build a better team and be a better leader.  Vince stressed for me to focus on the fundamentals and have high standards, which helped me build a strong foundation so I was prepared for any curveballs at my job throughout the day.

Derek Oishi
Assistant Director, Film & TV

Vince helped me with goal setting and maintaining focus. With small steps, we built on successes and analyzed shortfalls without judgment. Vince is a great listener who follows up with clear probing questions that make you think through the process of what’s working and what’s not. Vince’s empathy stands out: he shares his similar struggles and what worked for him.  He emphasizes that change and success don’t follow a linear path.

David Sobel
Event Producer

Through Vince’s intuitive, inquisitive and thorough approach to understanding my vision, he verified how all of the pieces in my life’s puzzle fit together. He showed me the steps I needed to take to achieve my ultimate goals. His advice to utilize specific techniques in time management and minimize distractions helped me accomplish more goals in one year than I ever thought possible.

Alicia Lyman
Photographer and Author of “20 Proof”

Having had so much life experience, Vince has been instrumental throughout the trajectory of my career, connecting on various matters and helping me come up with solutions and advocacy. Vince taught me about seeing my ego, trusting my ability and the necessity of staying on my path and owning my gifts and then trusting those gifts in the overall machines that I work in.

David Wong
Director and Content Producer

Through Vince’s 30 Day Journal Challenge, I built the habit of journaling, which helps me process complex emotions and make decisions that I can back with true confidence, so that it’s now second nature. His advice to “let some things just be game time decisions” helps me free up my mind to focus on the most important things. He offered advice through a spiritual perspective, giving context to what is important to me.

Stephen Cashman
Aspiring Spiritual Leader & Youth Pastor

Vince dives in with passion, is observant, brave and he is a challenge seeker.  Vince has wonderful energy and is intellectually curious; in our discussions, I discovered a confidant who gently introduces a fresh perspective and that is GOLD for anyone looking to GROW. I particularly enjoy his creative nature – he loves to brainstorm and reverse engineer goals – a concept I was familiar with but grew to appreciate in a more profound way.

Stephanie McNamara
Executive Regional Vice President, Arbonne International

Vince taught me not only that I can be as great as any of the comedy talent out there, but gave me tools to make it happen, generously sharing comedy books and showing how to analyze my heroes’ paths. A great listener, he picks out points and offers focused steps to propel me, and showed me how to have a “dust it off and pick yourself up again” attitude. He had my back 100%. 

Tushar More
Executive Assistant 

Vince helped me completely reset my career path by coaching me through how to apply to and then survive the DGA Assistant Director Training Program.  Every time I come up against a challenge that makes me doubt my purpose or my path, I give Vince a call and he helps me find a way to the solution.  He constantly reinforces that problems are opportunities to grow personally and professionally.  

Nick A. Schlyer
Key 2nd Assistant Director, FOX TV Network, FX Network